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Pioneering Air UV

With UV light, ionizer, advanced filters and interior cleaning up to 61m²

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  • Application area (m²)
  • 18 – 31 m², 25 – 43 m², 35 – 61 m²

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  • Air Filters
  • Activated Carbon Filter, HEPA, Pre-filter

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  • Sound pressure level (high/ med/low) (dB(A))
  • 58/45/26, 58/47/27, 65/51/28

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  • Dimensions (WxDxH)
  • 347x175x535, 410x210x628, 460x230x710

UV light

As air passes through the device, it gets exposed to the ultraviolet lamps. Their radiation decomposes the molecular structure of the pollutants.

Photocatalyst filter φίλτρο

Deodorizing filter that eliminates unpleasant odors.

Auto mode

By selecting this function, the cleaner automatically selects the best air quality control speed.

Carrier warranty

Carrier invented modern air-conditioning in 1902. Since then we are continuously innovating our products to provide you excellent efficiency and energy savings.

Filter replacement alert

A special indication on the device’s control panel notifies you when it is time to replace the filter.

HEPA H13 filter

The powerful H13 class High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter traps more than 99.95% of airborne particles, such as germs and allergens, ensuring a high quality atmosphere in your indoor space.

Activated Carbon Filter

Up to 10 times more effective than traditional carbon filters in removing unpleasant odors, including cigarette scent.

Air quality light indicator

The device recognizes air quality and its light indicator changes color, depending on the level of air purity: Excellent (Blue), Good (Green), Moderate (Purple), Poor (Red)

Operation timer

Set the device to operate for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours, for the best planning of the air purification of your space.


Releases negative ions to the air, simulating the relaxing effects of forests and waterfalls.


The pre-filter withholds the largest dust particles suspending in the air, removing them from the air flow before they enter the air-conditioning unit. It covers the air intake and thus helps keeping the unit and the coil clean from dirt and debris, providing better air quality. The pre-filter can be removed and cleaned with soap-water without losing its effectiveness.


The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics of the products, the elements and the images, without prior notice.

Sound pressure level (high/ med/low) (dB(A))58/45/2658/47/2765/51/28
Dimensions (WxDxH)347x175x535410x210x628460x230x710
UV lamps112
Nominal Capacity23W33W66W
Motor typeDCDCDC
Fan speed1-2-3-41-2-3-41-2-3-4
Air quality indicationDigital representationDigital representationDigital representation
Voltage/Hz/Ph220V / 50 -60Hz220V / 50 -60Hz220V / 50 -60Hz
Weight (Kg)5,2710

    42GR Air Treatment Module

    Nominal capacities in cooling 3,1 kW and heating 2,9 – 3,5 kW

    09PE Fluid Cooler

    Capacity up to 1.100 kW

    42NL & 42NH Hydronic Ducted Fan Coil Units

    Nominal cooling capacities from 0,6 to 12 kW and heating from 0,8 to 17 kW