Meeting Customer Needs Across the Seas – Whatever Your Application

Passenger vessels

Get on board with the industry leader. When it comes to leisure cruises and other passenger ship applications, comfort is critical. Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems offers a broad range of efficient, customizable solutions designed for comfort control, as well as air quality, refrigeration, process cooling and more. In fact, we were the first to equip a cruise ship with air conditioning for passenger comfort in 1931, and today, we remain the world’s leading supplier of chillers to the cruise industry. Our products, however, are just part of the story. Carrier leverages a team of highly skilled engineers, advanced technology and unique facilities to help customers and engineers design and implement efficient, sustainable total systems that balance the comfort with efficiency and low operating costs – all with your unique needs in mind, whether it’s a new ship design or retrofit. Add to that our service and support offerings, from maintenance to energy services to a parts network that spans the globe, and it’s clear that Carrier is the smart choice for today’s cruise ships – and those of tomorrow.

Commercial vessels

Count on us for solutions that are right in your wheelhouse – and beyond. Each day, billions of people rely on commercial ships to transport them and their goods where they are needed around the world. You can rely on Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems to provide the air conditioning and refrigeration systems to keep your vessel – and its cargo – properly cooled. Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems provides solutions for the following:

  • Bulk carriers
  • Casino boats
  • Container ships
  • Dinner cruise boats
  • Fishing boats
  • Military support vessels
  • Supply boats
  • Tugs
  • Work boats
Ναυτιλιακές Λύσεις AHI Carrier

<p “>Whether it’s a plug-and-play solution for the wheelhouse or a total system for multiple areas of a vessel, Carrier brings affordability, efficiency and customization to the commercial industry. Most importantly, we help ensure that peace of mind accompanies you from port to port, with a range of services and support – including worldwide access to the parts you need. It’s all part of our commitment to helping you keep your systems running at peak performance – and ensuring that nothing stops your cargo from reaching its destination on time.

Offshore vessels

We design solutions for some of the most demanding conditions on Earth, which just so happen to be in the middle of the sea. With limited space, harsh climates and demanding work conditions, there are few environments on Earth that are more challenging to maintain than offshore platforms. Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems is up for this challenge, offering a number of efficient, customized solutions for comfort cooling, process cooling, and refrigeration. Our products are built tough to perform safely and efficiently in oil platform applications. Many of our products can be customized for hazardous locations, using NEC, NFPA 70, Chapter 5, Article 500 or ATEX construction methods. Plus, each chiller, condensing unit, and air handler is packaged with features that provide high performance, energy efficiency, and on-demand control. When the conditions are unique, customization is key. That’s why Carrier chillers, condensing units, air handlers, and refrigeration equipment can be customized to meet any challenge, including special coatings, copper coil construction, SS316L cabinet construction, and other specialized needs.

A complete line of reliable products for all marine refrigeration and air conditioning applications

Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems has a long and storied history of leadership in the marine industry. This legacy of innovation continues to guide us as we set out to solve the challenges of tomorrow. Today, building on our legacy of innovation, we continue to bring together brilliant minds and leverage advanced technologies to meet the needs of passenger, commercial and offshore customers with smarter, more efficient, sustainable solutions. In short, there will always be something big on the horizon.

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Remote Monitoring

We’ll help you get any part you need, in any part of the globe.

Our leadership on the seas stems not only from our expertise in product design and innovation, but our commitment to service and support as well. Across all business segments, we stand behind our products with comprehensive warranties and maintenance programs, along with energy services, re-fits and more. Plus, knowing that downtime is not an option when you have a schedule to keep, we have an extensive parts network to get customers the parts they need faster.

With dealers, offices, and parts depots worldwide, chances are you’ll find an experienced Carrier engineering professional in your key ports. We’re there to provide personal service and assist you in obtaining and installing the part you need. Our inventories include:

  • HVAC parts, including parts for chillers and boilers
  • Control system parts
  • Replacement components, including compressors and motors
  • Key OEM components
  • Oil and refrigerant

Plus if we don’t have the part you need in stock, Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems’ parts and service network will locate and ship your replacement parts on the same day they’re needed. A unique capability of our service team is the real time monitoring of your Carrier equipment, download our Marine Tele-monitoring brochure here.


Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems has more than 110 years of history and excellence in the marine industry.

Reliable Products

Carrier manufactures some of the best compressors in the world. With unique unloading features and a reputation for proven reliability, our compressors are at the heart of cooling systems. Moreover At sea, you can’t afford to go without consistent comfort. You also can’t afford to use large amounts of energy – or a large amount of space – to achieve it. Fortunately, Carrier finished goods (like chillers, packaged units, e.t.c.) have you covered, ensuring the cooling your guests and crew demand, all with maximum reliability and efficiency – and minimum use of valuable onboard space.


At Carrier, we design with the environment in mind and set environmental performance targets for our products. In nearly every category, we offer industry-leading, energy-efficient options for our customers. And we continue to invest in research and development, applying the newest technological innovations to create ever more sustainable solutions.

Expertise & Consultancy

Air conditioning systems account for a significant part of your ships total energy usage. With the uncertainty of fuel prices and the continued drive to lower emissions, energy efficiency is critical to your vessel operations. Carrier Marine & Offshore helps you to find the right balance to optimize energy usage while maximizing your ROI. From preliminary walkthrough to detailed energy audits of all ship consumers, our experts can guide you with recommended solutions and actionable information.


As your preferred partner, Carrier Marine & offshore designs tailored maintenance programs to meet your goals and to optimize your ship and fleet performance. With our advanced controls, you can monitor your equipment in real time and receive recommendations from Carrier experts.

Proximity & Responsiveness

Whether you are on board a passenger ship, commercial vessel or offshore rig, at sea, downtime is not an option. Carrier Marine & offshore maintains a global service footprint to support you anytime, anywhere, with expert technicians.

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