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16LJ Single-Effect Hot Water-Fired Absorption Chiller

Nominal capacity 83-3.956 kW

Designed to provide chilled water from waste heat sources generated from industrial processes and cogeneration systems.
Allow diversification of critical cooling requirements.
Critical cooling loads are met with minimal electrical power input.
Smaller emergency generators compared to an electrical driven chiller.
Ozone-safe and CFC-free units.
Cooling requirements are met without chlorine-based refrigerants.
They reduce the contribution to global warming and minimise the global impact by greatly reducing electricity consumption and production of greenhouse gases.
The solution inhibitor has no impact on the environment.
An absorption chiller does not utilise mechanical moving parts, and this leads to quiet, vibration-free operation.
The use of high-efficiency heat transfer surface has reduced the space required for installation of the absorption chiller, resulting in a smaller footprint.

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