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NextGen II 16 & 20Lt (DF)

Our “smart” and effective line of dehumidifiers. Available in 2 types, removes up to 20 liters of water per day.

  • attribute-image
  • Moisture removal (L/day)
  • 16, 20

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  • Air Filters
  • HEPA, Pre-filter

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  • Refrigerant
  • R290

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  • Water tank volume (L)
  • 3

2 Operation Types

NextGen II (16 & 20Lt) devices are designed to have two separate operating modes: Dehumidifier or Air Purifier (via the HEPA filter).

Auto defrost

Evaporator protection system against ice formation

Smart function

The dehumidifier automatically selects the desired humidity levels, between 45% – 55%, always depending on room temperature. It ensures that the proper humidity content is maintained continuously, delivering excellent air quality with maximum energy savings.

Easy to carry

Easy to carry with rotating wheels

Large Relative Humidity Adjustment Range

With a relative humidity (% RH) adjustment range from 35% to 85%, the ideal conditions are ensured, no matter how small or large the dehumidification need of the area is.

Low noise level

Carrier’s new generation of ES compressors, featuring a brand new design to their centrifugal fans, achieve significantly lower vibrations.

Wi-Fi Activated

You can remotely control one or more Carrier air conditioners and dehumidifiers with a user-friendly mobile app (available for iOS & Android). The Wi-Fi stick is placed within the product packaging and no additional equipment is required to connect the device.

Carrier Warranty

Carrier invented modern air-conditioning in 1902. Since then we are continuously innovating our products to provide you excellent efficiency and energy savings.

HEPA Filter

Our High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter captures small airborne particles and allergens, ensuring higher quality indoor air.

Automatic Restart

After a potential power failure, the unit will automatically restart, keeping all previous settings.


The pre-filter withholds the largest dust particles suspending in the air, removing them from the air flow before they enter the air-conditioning unit. It covers the air intake and thus helps keeping the unit and the coil clean from dirt and debris, providing better air quality. The pre-filter can be removed and cleaned with soap-water without losing its effectiveness.


The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics of the products, the elements and the images, without prior notice.

Water tank volume (L)33
Air Flow166/135/108166/135/108
Sound pressure level (high/ med/low) (dB(A))45.5/43.0/4145.5/43.0/41
Energy Consumption (W)360320
Start Power (Α)2.101.80
Operating Range (°C)5-325-32
Humidity Adjustment Range (%RH)35%-85%35%-85%
Dimensions (WxDxH)350x245x510350x245x510
Weight (Kg)1515
Voltage/Hz/Ph220-240V, 50Hz, 1Ph220-240V, 50Hz, 1Ph

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