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Self-contained air scrubber range OPTICLEAN

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Suitable for Office, Hotel, Healthcare and Industry

The health and safety of indoor environments can be significantly improved with consistent service and maintenance of not only buildings themselves, but also most importantly HVAC systems, which reliably reduce the concentration of indoor contaminants by introducing filtered outdoor air into the building, and other items such as air scrubber units.

At Carrier, we continue to innovate, seeking new solutions that will improve the quality of HVAC and air conditioning installations.

Our experts will advise you on your path towards buildings with healthier, safer and more productive environments, through increasingly efficient and environmentally responsible solutions.

  • Plug & play design
  • 100% configurable
  • Quiet
  • High energy efficiency
  • Great versatility
M5 Prefilter

The M5 prefilter is installed as machine protection, extending the working life of the other systems and improving the efficiency of the UV lamps

HEPA filters

HEPA filters actively participate in the bioaerosol retention strategy, mitigating the droplet transmission mechanism. Large filtrating area cell filters (depth 296 mm) have a much higher particle detention capacity than low-depth filters, significantly reducing their maintenance requirements and improving their amortisation. H13 Hepa filters efficiency 99,95%. H14 Hepa filters efficiency 99,995%.

Activated charcoal filtration*

As an air purifying complement, gas filters with chemical absorbency are able to eliminate odours by adsorbing gases such as hydrogen sulphide, dimethyl sulphide, mercaptans, nitrogen oxides, ormaldehydes, VOCs, formol, ethylene, chlorine, ammonia, mercury, etc.


Ultraviolet lamps*

UV-C lamps help clean the air, reducing the concentration pathogenic polluants. UV-C light inactivates and inhibits the replication of the nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) in micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, etc.). Absorption of very high energy over a wavelength of 253 nm results in irreversible damage to the structure of nucleic acids and proteins at a molecular level (Ashrae Fundamentals, Ch. 62, Ultraviolet and surface treatment).



100% configurable

Choose the one that best meets your installation requirements.

  • C1: HEPA H13
  • C2: HEPA H14
  • C3: HEPA H13+ UV lights
  • C4: HEPA H13+carbon filters
  • C5: HEPA H14+ UV lights
  • C6: HEPA H14+carbon filters
ModelPP [m3/h]Nominal available pressure [Pa]Motor capacity [W]Supply Voltage [V]Noise level dB[A]
OptiClean 39 UV 101000135170240 V 50 Hz51
OptiClean 39 UV 181800465500240 V 50 Hz56
OptiClean 39 UV 252500420750240 V 50 Hz58
FN1SXF00500S850150178230 V 50 Hz52.6

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