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39CQ Compact Air Handling Unit

Ideal for compact installations

  • Available in three sizes to meet all your needs, able to handle air flows from 1000 to 6000 m3/h & in several versions: single-flow, aligned dual-flow, adjacent dual-flow.
  • Is used for fresh air change, air recirculation, air extraction and air handling using its filtration, heating, cooling, recovery and ventilation functions.
  • There are three different installations in the range, so it can be adapted to meet your needs:-horizontal ceiling-mounted version, accessed from underneath,-horizontal floor-mounted version, accessed from the top,
    -vertical wall-mounted version, accessed via the front.
  • At 400 mm thick, it is ultra compact and can be fitted into the tightest of spaces.
  • This range is particularly well-suited to tertiary buildings:
    -administration, offices,
    -education facilities, libraries, community centres,
    -cafés, hotels, restaurants,
    -shopping centres, nursing homes, healthcare facilities,
    -collective housing.
  • All installations requiring ventilation.

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