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42QZL Inverter Console/Ceiling XPower 3-phase (R32)

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Inverter XPower ceiling unit for light commercial applications, slim and stylish with high performance.

  • attribute-image
  • BTU/h
  • 36000, 48000, 60000
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  • Energy Label Cooling
  • A++
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  • Energy Label (Heating/warmer)
  • A+++, A++
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  • Cooling Capacity
  • 10,50 kW, 14,00 kW, 15,40 kW
Wired controller

The unit has wired control.


In this mode priority is given to dehumidifying the air. To achieve dehumidification the unit operates at low fan speeds and low compressor speeds.

Auto Defrosting

Prevents evaporator from freezing and maintains dehumidifying effect under low temperature ambient.

Built-in Drain Pump

The drain pump can remove the condensing water from the unit, up to 750mm high. The drainage piping is easy to install even at narrow spaces (*optional equipment).

Electrical voltage protection (168 to 264V)

The can fully operate within the power range of 168 to 230V, while also being protected from any fluctuations that may occur within this range.

Remote Control Bright Screen

The remote control has a backlit LCD display for easy reading.

My Mode

The unit memorizes the desired mode and temperature so that you can have the desired operation at a touch of a button.

Turbo Mode

Turbo function will be helpful to cool or heat your room quickly and effectively.

3D Air Distribution

The directional air outlet moves automatically to direct air flow to every corner of the room and keep it thoroughly cool.

Chiller leakage detection system

In case of cooling fluid leakage, the unit automatically detects the leak and shuts operation down while at the same it alerts you with the corresponding malfunction code on the indoor unit screen.

Sleep Mode

This mode saves energy and improves night time comfort. The set temperature will increase by 1°C per hour in cooling mode or decrease by 1°C per hour in heating mode, for the first 2 hours of operation. Thereafter the unit will retain the new temperature for 5 hours after which it will switch off automatically!

Automatic Restart

After a potential power failure, the unit will automatically restart, keeping all previous settings.

3D DC Inverter

The indoor unit is equipped with a DC inverter fan motor. The outdoor unit is also equipped with DC inverter technology compressor and fan motor. With 3 DC inverter motors the unit achieves maximum performance and energy efficiency.


The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics of the products, the elements and the images, without prior notice.

Energy Label CoolingA++A++A++
Energy Label (Heating/warmer)A+++A+++A+++
Cooling Capacity10,50 kW14,00 kW15,40 kW
Energy Label (Heating/average)A+A+A+
Heating Capacity10,80 kW15,60 kW18,00 kW
SCOP (warmer)5,14,85,1
SCOP (average)4,04,04,0
Operating Range °C (Cooling)-15 ~ 50°C-15 ~ 50°C-15 ~ 50°C
Operating Range °C (Heating)-15 ~ 24 °C-15 ~ 24 °C-15 ~ 24 °C
Sound pressure level (high/very low) (dB(A))50/4254/4654/43
Dimensions (WxDxH)1650x675x2351650x675x2351650x675x235

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